The ticket was bought for you

Recall when life was full of soft, little mysteries
that danced on your palate
like sherbet
and there was no heartache to swallow
Now every three point turn directs you into some other storm
and you just had your panel beating done
you only just dried off
And when you think it’s right
Oh, it feels so right!
a rug you didn’t even know you were standing on is pulled from beneath you
and you are older now
your balance is not what it used to be
you avoid steep edges or cliffs
Unlike a time when wonder kissed your forehead as you closed your unmade eyes
before opening them and peeking over that chasm
Now those powdered eyes have seen things
You’ve watched a girl get run over by a truck
You’ve seen your father lay nearly lifeless in a hospital bed
You’ve gazed lovingly at tombstones while your mother cried
Mysteries are no longer soft
and you are no longer participating in writing the essay before the book is read
No fine print is ignored as you pull a magnifying glass from your handbag
You hold caution by the throat as you fuck it
and proceed to check every room in the house before you sleep
Days roam over you like clockwork
and use you like a greedy man beholden to his nature
Before you realise that your lids have grown heavy and wrinkled you are old
and simply because you didn’t want to jump
because you were nervous
or it was complex
and you thought, thought, thought so much……
Take the ride

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