(no title) 

Being in love has been this minefield 
It’s like waking up and no matter how hard you remind yourself the night before
to think about something else in the morning
you think about that one 

It’s not really an addiction like some people say it is
It never should be
If it is 
then you’ve got a problem

Being in love should be like breathing
Sometimes through heart palpitations 
You always do it 
even if, for a second, your heart feels way up in your throat 
where it’s stuck on a beat
like a drummer who gets hopelessly distracted midway through his rhythm 
but his kit is so familiar 
he blinks
and continues seamlessly 
It’s almost like the hiccup never occurred 

Being in love has been a faith awakening 

A self awakening 

A realisation that there might be hope after all 
I might have a family of my own
after all
I am deserving 
I am life
and love 

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