I don’t know my own accent

I’m stuck with a transient accent
All my thank you’s sound
Each of my how are you’s 
sound out like howreyou?
c o n d e n s e d 
and American
My British alter ego visits 
some days she’s northern 
some days she’s southern
She’s fading fast
I think I like that?
It’s subconscious 
A coping mechanism, perhaps
or a guise,
It’s like unrolling a sleeping bag over myself
like those cats that get stuck in tube socks
I’d ponder something more graceful
but I feel clumsy
Where words get chewed instead of
o b l i t e r a t e d 
Masticating syllables by the mouthful
Who needs to conform and please
syntax, anyway?
Well, I do 
but my mouth doesn’t wish to cooperate 
s a b o t a g e
one hell of a mindfuck

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