Step one, two; reach beyond infinity

I wrote of unloving
it was unrealistic
The very day I decided I could do it
I found you had mined your way to the very core of me
tapped that gold vein deep
pick; axe, plectrum, in hand
to the cavernous space 
I call my heart
Assumed pitch darkness is warded from here
by the fireflies which plague me
Dimming when strangers go prowling
deceiving their eyes, leading them back to the outside world
Reality comes screaming 
into frame
And there I am
sitting cross legged 
where you’d never seen more feminine grace  
beside but not for prying 
I am a door ajar
Push my patina-ed handle
listen to the rust of me letting you in
grit your teeth at the sound of me
Explore far
explore wide
Reach your hand beyond cobweb curtains
to stroke the walls of me
break my boundaries
I beg you,
to love me

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