Can’t relate to this Hemisphere 

The rain soothes me
Summers are far too long and hot
in Australia 
Some days I just bake
no air conditioning 
Laying on sweat soaked sheets
too hot to touch anyone
Not that there is anyone to touch
In the city 
people jostle for space
Just waiting for a gust of wind
to blow people away
like leaves in the autumn
Fretfully seeking manmade cold
department stores,
and the like 
packed with bodies
glistening from the outside
Lost on the inside
I continuously hope for a day below thirty
Finally it cools,
turns from summer to winter faster 
than my heart conks out 
when someone pukes
Then everyone has seasonal depression
but me
Greyscale is safescale 
That’s why my wardrobe is so dim
looks like the power was cut
in the evening
Spring rolls around eventually
I age another year
in the Southern Hemisphere 
I think
I might stay younger

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