For the heartache; I am grateful

Woe is me

I am incapable of living life without 
It’s detrimental to my 
But it’s all okay
It’s all going to be okay
For the love I emit is pure and 
sweet and I cannot breathe without feeling
the agony of it all
And I’m such a romantic

Woe is me

I have bared myself until I have haemorrhaged onto pages 
with tear sodden script
Torn at my skin
to show you 
we bleed just the same 
We scar
just the same
We scare
just the same 
But, unlike you, I have no fear
for what the future holds
for He blessed me with life
He graced me with words
He burdened me with impossible love
and a lack of disqiuetude 

Woe is me

Perhaps I am a naive soul
Perhaps I took regard for reality
peered into its filthy little eyes
and laid my stiletto deep into its throat
Perhaps I am but a fool
a dazed, dim, deficient 

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