Let’s walk hand in hand and watch me carry you where you can’t walk

When you close your eyes and hold your hands out to meet mine in this empty space between our bodies does your heart beat a little faster? Or when you smell my perfume on your pillow? Or when our voices intermingle in the air before us and we can practically see the vibrations kissing?

‘Cause we’re both sensitive and mine does. 

Now close your eyes while my hands are held perfectly in yours, because we were made to fit together, darling. Imagine within you is a castle, absolutely palatial and exquisite. Walk me through it. 

Let’s avoid the grandest most beautiful rooms for now. 

Show me all your secret passageways and the rooms you’ve swallowed keys for. I know you’re suspiciously skilled at picking locks so you can’t stammer excuses and expect me to dance right by those big, iron padlocks but if you wanna leave them for later I’ll apply no pressure. I’m light and soft and I’ll do as you tell me. 
Show me the rooms where the doors hang from their hinges and creak in the breeze of us, show me how many spiders you’ve collected in the depths of this place. Show me what you have become so fond of hiding. 

Now, tell me why?

Introduce me to the memories of your ex girlfriends and how glamorous their suites are, show me who broke your heart and let me hold it tenderly to show you how it now beats. Allow me to dine with Depression, Anxiety, Loss and Fear for they are handsome emotions which need speaking with to understand. 

Please, take me to your chapel. Show to me your stained glass windows, your tapestries and your crucifix. Where the floor is beginning to conform from all those years on your knees and see how mine fit perfectly within your very personal hollows? 

Which is your favourite pew? 

Now, tell me why?

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