The house and the husband 

I spent two nights housesitting for my old neighbours in Elsternwick last week, before the surgery. I miss them, you know, like how you miss a friend with far more wisdom or who’s done a lot more stupid shit than you. 
They have children. Kid sitting for them one night made me realise just how much I want children. They’re the coolest parents. 
Fuck it. They’re the coolest people. 

I spent two nights in a house by myself with a greyhound and two cats. So, I guess that makes three cats it’s just that one is very big and nervous and takes walks with you. 

I spent two nights wishing you were housesitting with me just so we could play house. 

On Sunday I went for chai with a friend. He’s got this girlfriend who captivates his soul. The way he speaks about her is true love, I can see his eyes are always with her. Even when she’s not around and it’s beautiful. 

After that I spent the night at my sisters house. Trying not to think about the surgery I just wanted to text you and feel closer. Like maybe when you talk to someone about love they can see your eyes are with me. They can feel part of your soul pitter pattering away into the darkness to find me. 
And maybe when I’m finally by your side you’d show me off to them

Look! Look how beautiful she is! 

See how her dress swirls when I spin her?

See how kept she is?

See how she is mine?!

I spent two nights housesitting dreaming of a time where just maybe the house is ours, we have our own silly animals and our very own children to shape and to watch grow. 

Above all else:

we have each other 

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