I’ll be home soon

In seven days I fell absolutely in love with you
not that I didn’t already love you
I always had
You looked me in the eye with all your friends behind us
at the antique mall
and you said 

you’re so pretty

We were spoilt amongst the most beautiful things 
and I didn’t know what to say so I giggled and looked at my feet, 
red hot flush on my cheeks
Obvious but I don’t think anyone knew

At my studio you kissed me and when I asked how it felt you said 
I was sating a parched mans thirst 
You set a fire alight inside of me, all my extremities warmed for the very first time
I showered as you laid in my bed
I sang for you from behind my water wall with the bathroom door open
used it to keep me from embarrassment, keep my shy at bay 
And when I finally laid beside you 
wrapped in vintage nylon and lace 
you gifted me your voice, parcelled in ribbon 
Each night you left me in that studio
and I knew it was my fault
You couldn’t stay because I wasn’t staying
But, my dear
I’ll be home soon
where mountains grow tall into the sky
where the streets are wide and welcoming
where I can sip on a chai latte surrounded by my family crying tears of laughter
where you stand with open arms
and we 

I will be home 


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