The End

This is truly the end of the earth

where on the horizon there is a vastness between blips of land

and the land melds from the blue of the ocean

into the blue of the trees and on into

the blue of the sky 

Blue shifting to shades of black and the twinkle of stars erupt sporadically 

Over that stretch of ocean I imagine there to be some great fall 

where you peer over the edge holding the hand of your lover but they push you

This is where the fall is longer than the universe is wide and 

your breath is taken away from you before your shouting may sound

This is where you plummet 

your joints pop into and out of their sockets and 

your eyes are forever spinning, trying to find some level but now

you don’t know which way is up

Your falling becomes a stationary madness

All angles are bad angles and there is no gravity or resistance so

you’re lost in outerspace 

It’s not like they say it will be, you don’t fall apart or suffocate

You just are

and it’s deafening and you’ve never been so alone or so frightened

The hand of your lover is still visible but distant

and it’s just their hand

You’re reaching indefinitely with your primary arm and with the other you are trying to swim through the stars

The atmosphere is above and below you and your tears are coaxed 

from your ducts to float around and torment you

You are at the end of the world and 

no one is there to hold you 

into infinity

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