Unbutton your shirt, lay beside me and let me unbutton your shirt

Don’t make me back you into some shrinking
fucking corner because you are too proud
or too cautious
You plea to love the depths of you
The pieces you publish
-though you haven’t in months-
cry out as though no one has ever reached through the velvet exterior
The words,
they drip with unease and want
The discomfort of being loved wholly because
to be loved in your entirety requires unbuttoning your
button down shirt [see: heart] , sweetheart
As though your primping and preening,
tattooing and piercing,
your perfected façade
has shooed any hope for real love away
and the bottom of you has watched the surface of you always
It has been peering through your blue, velvety exterior
and seen the hand and mouth of so many women
caressing those boundaries
And your cracked foundations are weeping
they’ve been crumbling for years but now
now you are telling of your need for newly mixed cement
I will push you into and over that stupid corner
to find the bottom of you and
I promise you,
I fucking promise you,
as I sit in front of the ugly side of you
I will cry for your ruin
I will hold it in my hands as though I were
cradling a small bird with a broken wing
This small, broken, dysfunctional heart
I will press toward mine and
I will love each and every depth you drown me in

5 thoughts on “Unbutton your shirt, lay beside me and let me unbutton your shirt

      1. Yeah…..i could sense that pain and intense feeling while reading it…. That means you surely could pen down your feeling effectively…… And yeah it was really expressive….. Liked reading your post….. Be happy and keep smiling…. 😊😊


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