As a child I imagined you

Here I write something which I have not relayed to you at any stage prior

Here I tell you
that when I were a small girl, a pint sized
miniature human girl
my friends and I would tell tales of the men we would grow up to marry
The men who would whisk us off our
tippy, fairy toes and
take our tiny hands into their
soft bear paws to lead us from our broken homes or
broken self-worths into love and lush woodland
and we would tell their names
heights, occupations and passions
I would tell them your name
however strange it sounds to me now
That you would not be a tall man but you would be so
fiercely loyal and you would steal away my heart
I would dream of calling your love my own
to feel the heat of sixty thousand suns beating down on me and
the pull of your currents, under, over, through my vibrations
Making what is mine yours and yours

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