I could get friction burn where our colours might one day mesh

I know what this is

This is the pitter patter of tiny feet dancing
around the maypole at the centre of my heart
that makes me feel nervous, I might trip over
or worse
st- st- stutter and I’d be blushing
my eyes searching for the right place to lay
While I know they should settle into yours
where green, hazel forests meet
green, blue oceans for the first time and
fall in love with the unfamiliarity
The stark and static difference between
tall, strong, ever reaching and ever growing pines
and deep, dark, ever drowning and ever suffocating seas
The similarity is that they are both strong and wilful
We are both unplumbed spaces
waiting for someone to arrive at our depths and still
love us

This must be how it feels to rest after aeons of movement
restless activity where worry kisses the jitters

This is the place where I choose patience over anger and
abstain for there is no need for fill where emotion runs dry
I choose to close my eyes to the darkness of my bedroom
open them in that same room to empty light

I know what this is

I love you

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