Sad music is a sometimes food

I’m crying out and crumbling
a mass puddle on this floor of despair

Though I am liquid and spreading fast I
notice only a gentleman lay down his freshly pressed
charcoal, tweed coat
for his lady-of-the-evening to step safely across my back
Skipping away and smiling
she turns her head back to flash him her
lipstick grin, a perfect beacon of beauty
Their fingers still interlocked
he swiftly lifts that pricey piece from my back
gives one sharp shake and hangs it from his shoulder

His smile, too, is flawless and flashy

Bells ring out and chorus fills the air
sad music is a sometimes food
to gorge on until you’re gluttonous gut
is fat with shame and
heavy tears cannot flow but
only roll lead like down your face and bloated body
You feel thick and your breath feels humid
viscous air you suck
greedily still into your empty lungs

Something to fill the cavity
Any sad thing to fill that cavity

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