I have more texts saved than sent

You know what hurts me the most?
Knowing how deeply my love runs for you
but not knowing how to tell you,
or why it is so

What else hurts me is that I miss you every day and
I am sure you don’t think of me often
I cannot even stop myself from texting you
when already I have sent
sixteen messages in the last six days
with no reply

Because I know you are busy
I know you are well loved
I know you have girls from all over the world
who want to be your princess

But may I be so brash as to say:

and I know all women have tendency to say:

Those other women,
They’re not like me

I am seeking your hand for your sake
your smile to see the light in your soul
your words to immerse myself in your story

There are no selfish moments here

Here is safe and quiet
Breathing audibly and lips smacking
Eyes searching psyche, periferals dulled
to f-stop settings on low

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