“I miss you”

For the first time in my life
today; you told me that you miss me and
mine own heart stopped beating for but two seconds
I thought it might stop forever

Nearly seven years under our belts
I can hardly believe the time that has passed us by
We are yet to share a meal
or conversation on the same seat
I am so jealous of the ground beneath your feet
for it holds you up
and catches you in its rough arms when you fall
the way I only wish I could
but softer, gentler, more sweetly

And I am hopelessly in love with you

My friends ask me
when are you going to let go, Camille?
I tell them
…never, why should I?

I have not held your heartbeat beneath my head
or your breath in my mouth
or your words in my ear
I will not let go until you tell me
these hands are not yours to hold, Camille

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