the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity
“he committed the offence to finance his drug addiction”

;does not plague these lands
in form of booze or gambling
nor cigarettes or risky business
No craving to be subdued
plainly given in to
No lashes must I bequeath upon mine own back
no tears must be spilled over withdrawals
Detox is irrelevant

Though, love addiction

;plagues these lands
of silken skin,
prickled with goosebumps at the slightest breath pertaining to
Lands of dips and rises
valleys and peaks so round and smooth
naught hand nor tooth may grip
Such a strength may prevail
leaving dusky blotches to dull golden hues and
welt this back, scribe brail phrases down the centre of my spine
Tongue them secretly to read your story,
kiss them as they melt away and
saturate my being wholly

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