Sixty thousand times over; I’m your girl

Swaddle me
in your sixty different fabrics and
sixty different colours
Sixty different muscles
Sixty different scents and sounds
and sixty thousand unique words, phrases, whispers and gently stroke my soul
with your tongue and fingertips
using barely the pressure of your breath softly cascading down my spine
Call my hair to stand attentive
Call my hips to your hips, lips to your lips, toe to toe
and cheek to cheek
Call my voice to raise above the crowd and cross
Cross my heart and hope to die
after all your ruin and recklessness, misbehaving; my heartbeats
Call my clothes to the floor and call my mouth to speak timidly your name and roll r’s with you
And roll my tongue to a clover
Clover kisses wild and green and blue and stricken red with grief and love and hopelessness
Be my cause for goosebumps, butterflies
free falling at altitude when the ground gobbles me up all at once
I’m gone, I’m lost
I’m wild with fever and sensation
I’m yours without candlelight lighting the peripheries of the bathroom doorway 
my silhouette is blackening, your pupils dilating
Sixty different versions of love
 and flying high and low all at once

Catch me
Kiss me
Call me
Poppy or
or Valentine

Call me

your girl. 

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