Borders and skirts

Have you ever been to the edge of the world,
to the very brink of eternity
stood their feelin’ like a child again and
thought to yourself aloud
                   “shit, it’s a really long way down from up here,
                                      infinity is a pretty dark pit”
and pondered, and pondered

….and pondered….

Because I have
and I found that I am very small
Smaller than even a sweet, little swallow
flitting her wings with free range of the world
her voice honeyed and palpable
I feel it coiling through my hair
and I cradle it in my hands

I found that my very quiddity
is strong yet submissive
It is not above me to obey quietly
give thanks that is well deserved and
ask in pleas for help when I am barely crawling on my knees
in the mud and moss
nor is it beyond my short reach
to kick and scream
and fight for all I hold most dearly

I am hybrid
I am finite

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