The girl behind me

I’m no where near as breathtaking as the girl
sitting behind me
on this train to somewhere I thought I needed to go but it turns out I can’t get where I need to be by way of locomotive
the ascent is too steep and too treacherous
I’ve got to stumble all the way on my own two, petite feet
they’re burnt to the third degree from staggering through a pit of coal
blistered from the friction
and haemorrhaging from all the glass I’ve trodden on
but the pain doesn’t meet my gaze
for I look far too forward to bother with inanimate greetings, I have never been skilled with small talk
or eye contact
I look through the face of hurt and into the eyes of love

The girl who was sitting behind me is even more beautiful from these walking out the door angles
She’s got a dishonesty in the air around her
her very vibrations are shallow,  maybe thats why she looks so good
as I am boarding the platform sign posted:


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