You deserve entire grandiloquence

When I see you I see far more than your obvious and well flattered good looks
and maybe that is because you provoked me. Unintentionally, intentionally; I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. It’s beside the point because the needle sharp point is that you have my undivided attention at almost any time of the day.
I am always bending on strange angles to see you through new eyes but all directions give the same conclusion and I am ever fascinated. I want to see you candidly, notice how you hold a mug of coffee and how it is you make your bed to lie in. I want to see you from angles you cannot see yourself.
Those are the truly telling aspects.
You know, when you think no one is looking or can see?

But from where I stand I can see your lineage,
a gallimaufry of memories
Both marking your skin and burning a kaleidoscope of emotions into your eyes.
I can almost see each and every sunrise you have witnessed, I can almost see all the storms you have endured and ledges you have ever dared teeter upon.

Expression lines that go far beyond any simmering mien
a constant boiling point of now and then in that moment. You seem to implode while you are exploding. Even from this distance I can feel the warmth of your red embers on my skin followed by an icy chill, then another hot gust.
I liken you to a star sometimes, I guess this would be the beginning of your black hole. A black hole I am sure to get sucked into.

Redoubtably respectable and considerate. A modern gentleman, as honest as they come and it drives me wild.
Because I live for the truth of the situation; ours, theirs, why the ocean pulls to and from the coastline infinitely and indefinitely.

Your awareness is acutely tuned
the way you tentatively adjust the strings on your favourite guitar
to produce the most perfectly pitched composition. Everything about you is musical or poetic in some way. You even make “fuck” sound graceful, albeit with robust emphasis and assured gusto.

I see your smile and it is highly contagious, like some kind of airborne virus that infects me instantaneously.
I feel like a tatterdemalion creature
sapping the sunlight where it creeps from beside your silhouette
as you stand above and before me, for I feel as though I may belong in your shadow. Allow me life in a world deficient of vitamin D, let my skin grow paler and my pupils dilate so I may always contemplate your ever cheeky grin from down here.

I need to find the most accurate and extravagant sesquipedalian words
to outline even your outlines
Pull a red ballpoint pen from my handbag and jot down all these notes and phrases in your margins so I cannot forget. I do not think you quite understand that it is all the trivial, small things you dismiss that I want to scribble on my forearm. Let the greasy ink absorb into my skin and slowly fade away as the words penetrate my person.

Do you know one of the things I love most about you is your sincerest acknowledgment of all your flaws?
I admire so much the regard
of things most would choose to disregard, deny and even attempt to disprove. It’s almost heroic
—in this day and age, I mean. Of course you are no David to Goliath, no Hercules or Poseidon but you are inexpressibly courageous and virile. I have enough praise for your strengths, I have enough praise for your faults.

You are a wholly soi-disant gentleman
with no need for outside influence and no intention of absorbing any of it. They could throw you in a vat filled with everything that contradicts you. Yet you would evade the science behind osmosis. It would be as though you were covered in a protective film, a layer of determination and individuality.
You may pass through a cloud of damp, green mist and stride with your head held high out the other side without a single stain. This is where the rest of the crowd is seen emerging from the viridian curtain scrabbling on all fours, tinted top to toe and looking neolithic. Reaching for hands that are not reaching back.
But mine is reaching for yours though you are still standing tall on two, strong legs
and I would take your arm if you should ever offer.

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