It is this

I miss close quarters

Oxygen breathed back and forth between mouths

Secrets murmured into keen ears

Eyes locked across railway tracks and airports and theatres

Sharing moments sprawled out on grass in botanical gardens, all those sweet scented florals teasing your senses. Shoes off so you can feel the gentle tickle of nature on the soles of your feet; soles of your soul, the bottomless pools of your eyes.

Sharing the sky and finding bunnies bouncing around the clouds. Fingers intertwined, just laying there like two primary schoolers, laughing at nothing and everything.
The whole world is reborn each time you blink until you look into one another’s eyes and the universe is suddenly at a standstill. You see everyone in your peripherals freeze in place but you’re both moving, fingers detangling to hold cheeks in palms.

And the kiss….

oh, the kiss….

It’s volcanic plumes darkening the globe,
it’s shuttle breaking through the atmosphere,
it’s every drop of rain that has ever nourished the earth.

What about waking in pitch darkness and finding arms folded about your waist? You feel nothing but safety and warmth. An overwhelming sensation of calm.

And I miss all of these things
with intention of true, unconditional, romantic love
though I have not yet known it quite so.

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