Would you inject me with your largest dose of truth?

Hear me!
I am struggling over here,
I am struggling at the bottom of this eternally cold well
the walls are slick with lies
I have broken all my fingernails and bled
trying to escape this pit
I think 
I have the strength to climb but no ledges to cling to
If you would drop down a rope,
perhaps be my anchor?
Help me to clamber out of this dark place
I do not know how many moons have risen anew
or how many summers have cracked the earth
only for winter to replenish the soil
tease it into meshing once more
since I have been caged here
And my bones are cold,
my organs are slow,
my heartbeat is hushed
I shake all the time
my tears freeze as they escape my ducts,
my voice shrinks more and more with every word I utter aloud
I can feel my dwindling decline
help me to see how beautiful the world can be

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