True North

I love my mother
but I find her a hard woman
not cold or unforgiving
not loveless or discouraging
just hard
Like a stone wall surrounding a cemetery
or castle
or jail

I am sure she could survive any storm,
fire or tsunami
I even think she could free dive in a volcano
and come up smiling

Once I was lost in a desolate place
surrounded by rubble and ash as far as my eyes could see
She told me that everyone has a little compass inside of them
and that it always tells you which direction you should be facing,
then crawling,

Sometimes you disregard your compass and
that is not wrong, it is a mistake
you lose time
lose miles
lose opportunity
Gain temporary cuts and lifelong scars

This is where you lose faith
This is where you lose trust

But when you follow your little tarnished compass
you gain love,
experience and happiness

Though tracking forward in your right direction
may topple buildings,
drain oceans
or cause empires to burn all the way to the ground
if it feels right
if it really feels right
then it is so

Never doubt your true North

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