One step on the spot; six steps on exciting, unstable ground 

For every sure footed step I take
I find myself indulging in several toward the unknown
I want to be grounded in certainty
but those timid footfalls outside my jurisdiction
feel wild and I see you there

I want to run in your direction but

I’m holding back 
My feet feel stuck in the mud over here 
And I don’t like the feeling between my toes
It feels right to throw myself toward you but

I’m scared of tripping over
Clumsily falling over my own feet, 
or yours
I’m not quite sure yet

What if I graze my knees or ladder my stockings?
What if my hands break the fall but my joints lock and my bones snap?
What if I can never unlearn that pain and I still feel it decades later?

But what if I fall and you catch me before my palms kiss the concrete?

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