Captain Constellation

I pass between worlds unseen, float down rivers and brooks
on a raft made of fossilised memories woven together
with my hand spun quicksilver wishes
As though I am but a shadow cast from no particular light
a shadow cat; dark and slinky, graceful, feminine motion
slow blinking bovine lashes reaching up and out and up
Surrounded by all the appurtenances of a simple, visual,
textual, textural life
lived heavily in complex arithmetic
boggling minds, mine goes up in vast horizons of flame with every new tangent

I am the great observer in the stars, I am my own constellation
all my extremities hold a hot ball of hydrogen burning into helium
lighting my own universal expanse
Deciphering inflexion and
pantomime autonomous or otherwise
as though it were cryptic
Crossword puzzle incomplete
Doctor’s handwritten instructions, incomprehensible
Just puzzle after puzzle after
torturously labyrinthine puzzle
I can dig my way to your foundation then
pry up the floorboards with my fingernails
find all your secret iron lockboxes and
nestle in tight between the frosty hurt and warm content

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