I’m missing my co-pilot, he was supposed to help me

I’ve been a pilot for far too long
was born with my aviation license and
even though I keep burning it
the plastic seems to un-melt, reconstruct that shiny image
It reads my name
and beneath that has its phonetic spelling for some reason
then it tells of my birthdate
says 13/11/1994 but I swear I came from another decade altogether
I have a hunch the thirteen is accurate —unlucky
I feel twice as old as I apparently am
never felt the youth I supposedly had
My hands are crooked from all the years I have gripped too tightly
My brain and heart are heavy and dissolving all too rapidly
My eyes are so blue, too blue, hiding an ocean of script
The photograph is hideously unflattering
which is why I keep it behind all the other cards in my wallet
that and I want to reject having it in the first place
Leave the aerospace to a co-
need to find one before I can leave the cockpit for a tea break
bathroom break
cigarette break, any kind of break
Just need to lay down
switch off
But I can’t afford to shut my eyes because
I’m the only pilot flying this wreck
I don’t even have time to survey the damage or make repairs

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