Little known attraction facts:

I love faces and I love shoes
but not exposed feet
I love a prominent nose
and deep, dark flecked eyes
A certain pale to the complexion
letting all shadows cast more intensely
dragging up that black point notion
letting all scars shine like beacons
of your old world

I love hands, they’re more telling than facial expression
want them to show your trade
don’t care if they’re hard or soft
calloused fingertips from strings
or palms from implements and tools
chip, chip, chipped varnish from weeks ago
my hands are always covered in colour and chemicals
I wear talons rather than soft fingernails
and some of my fingers are bent

I love a bare back
where the spine raises little bumps beneath taught skin
where muscles jut and fat softens
I love the slight taper toward the waist
to trace fingers down toward those two small dimples
see hairs raise with anticipation
as mine stand in unison
I have a wide, wrinkled scar on my right shoulder blade
from a heart-shaped mole thought cancerous so removed
turned out to be benign and I miss that little brown spot

I love a smile
big and bold, spotlights me on your stage
cloaks the rest of humanity in a canopy of darkness
sets that flint in my heart to sparking
faster than I can inhale exhale
I love teeth
pearly white and set nearly straight
a mouth gives laughter and kisses
a mouth gives voice
My mouth is small but my sounds are substantial
screaming, talking, singing, no gag reflex

I love hair
enough to rake my fingers through
hold on tight
brush lovingly from your eyes if it falls or the wind blows
My hair is fine and straight
falls around my face
always touching it, fidgeting out of nerves
I love to see natural greys
silver fox, starlight, liquid mercury
Ageing is a beautiful thing and I want to see all your
frown lines

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