No need for the exercise

Could you just rug me up in gossamer down quilts real nice?
Dress me in your favourite tee and a pair of your underpants
I’ll wear my favourite pair of thigh high, ribbed socks
and we can just drink rose hip tea from the dawn of to the end of time
because it didn’t begin until we kissed

Trust fall exercises are pointless with you
‘cause I trust you implicitly
Let’s try trust don’t-hit-me-with-your-car
or let’s nosedive a twin-engine and see how close to the ground we can get before we shit ourselves and you pull up on the yoke
jet us to some kind of haphazard safety

See my faith?
I’d let you run a bowie knife sharp from whet stone
from my toes to my neck and press against my pulsing jugular
Let you cock a loaded pistol and hold it to my cranium as you finger the trigger
I’d let you dangle me off a twelve story building by my ankles
get dizzy off blood rush to brain and feel faint
wake up safe and sound ‘cause I know you got me, babe

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