.50 calibre

Here sits a girl with difference on her side
love her or hate her, or maybe you can’t put your finger on it
but there’s no in-between
she’s paradoxical in its epitome,
total black and white saturation
leather or tulle, take your pick

Here sits a girl with passion and fascination beyond measure
twenty questions, magic eight ball pale in comparison
feisty and quick witted
filthy language with the power of a fire hydrant
blows you smack against the brick wall when you’re protesting
leaves you blistered and cardinal

Here sits a girl strong and safe with words
articulate and unafraid
using the alphabet like a weapon, bullets missiles
either way you’re blown to smithereens
‘cause I don’t fuck around, use .50 cal hollow points or nothin’
nuclear or it ain’t worth the fuss

She’s a little bit left of centre
She’s a little kooky and a little dark
She’s a little of a lot of things but not much of anything
lives for humour to send her into hysterical fits of laughter
disable all her heaviest artillery
wants nothing more than to fall asleep smiling every night
warm between sheets and limbs

Genuine vintage, Italian leather heeled shoes
sheer black blouse only half revealing what lay beneath
tight black skirt and stockings, always stockings
expensive lingerie and a cheap handbag
She’s a lady and a sailor
refined and fancy lookin’
could be genius grade and not so good lookin’
Her image reveals she can fake it ’til she makes it

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