I am Scorpio 

Down to the tee

Fiercely loyal

Sharp tongue, sharper eye still

Unafraid of my opinion

Unafraid of my expression

Hear me roar or hear nothing at all

For I will be quiet in distrust

Quieter in faithlessness

But close the bedroom door and you will find

Your wildest dreams and fears and unthought thoughts

If I let you in, pray you make it out alive

For I will roll you over furious oceans with no life ring if you hurt me

Carry you through lightening storms on my whiplashed back when you are too far down

Lead you between mossy undergrowth too show you where my secrets live

Love you until your heart falls out of your mouth and I swallow it whole

I am curious

I am persistent

I am turned on by intellect and mystery

A promise making, promise keeping half seductress half stubborn mule

Phoenix rising from the ashes of betrayal and hurt

While my own demons drown me behind my damp eyes

Scorpio I am

Unshakable and fascinated

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