Do not umm and ahh I am too gravity stricken

I am such a gravitational being
forcefully drawn by some indistinguishable vigour to certain fields, countries;
certain people, lives, stories
I can’t help but feel it all or feel nothing
There is no half way, no grey areas nor forks in my roads
it’s either yes or no, fuck maybe’s
they’re too incalculable and capricious

I can’t handle a mood swing, gravity doesn’t account for to-ing and fro-ing
it’s too grounded, it’s too finite

Don’t umm and ahh if I ask a question
Don’t show me indistinct reaction
I want no subtleties
I only ask for instant truth, harsh or callous makes no matter
I’ve grown this tough facade for a reason
It’s not for looking pretty or poised,
it’s for my very own protection
because the gravity that dislocates me is a fickle thing

It has no consideration for my sensitivities or fragile heart
It doesn’t care to ensure my safety or whether I make it home intact
I am sure that it laughs at my limbs left here and there
shreds of skin, a few teeth, wefts of hair
scattered all over the damn place
All that’s left are my bare, aching bones
but it doesn’t care so I have to, or I need to have someone else to

….I think?

So, suppose I find a black hole whose gravity is undeniable
whose gravity is so Herculean and mighty
And they suck me so far into their night and I can never see the light of day again
well, I don’t think I would try to swim against the rip
or crave vitamin D
I might even surrender to it’s virility
just give myself over completely
because if it’s a yes it’s a yes! Here is my heart, here is my soul
Here is every tattered and torn scrap of all that I am
Swallow me into your darkest depths and I’ll learn to light a fire

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