Would it be too much to ask for you to only want me? ‘Cause if you wanna ask back that’s okay.

Want you to pierce my soul with the intensity of those heterochromatic eyes
Wanna feel your shuddering breath because of me
inhaling only because I permit
and exhaling to esuriently inhale once more
want you to only want to share oxygen with me

I wanna be your drug of choice
want you to choose my high above all you have known because it’s unlike any other;
it’s unconditional, it’s supernatural, it’s everlasting
I could be your addiction
seduce, cajole, persuade you into my spiral of love and laughter
I don’t have any shitty side effects to worry about
I don’t cause blackouts or nausea or death
no allergy inducing dust mites hide in my attic
no organ terminating poison lurks in my veins

I want you to want to climb a chainlink fence surrounded by the dark
navigate a shark infested ocean in a small tin boat
cross a bustling twelve lane highway on foot to get to me
because you do not want to live without my electricity to power you
and I have need to give my energy to you
light all your bulbs and spark your mechanics into action
Wanna turn all your cogs with clockwork precision
urge your feet on and on to step in time with my tempo

And suppose our sockets only fit with one another
so only my currents can sway your tides into turning
and only yours can turn my engine over
Would that really be so bad?
Could we take the chance and dance, dance, dance?

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