Nothing of this earth is more tantalizing than language and intelligence

Language is ever evolving from simple necessity into complex structure, over articulation and rolling r’s draw me in and entice me to listen and linger

It’s bewitching and heated like a crackling fire urging your hands closer to the flames

Willing you to get burnt and revel in the consequence

Numerically I couldn’t care less, even numbers I write in letters; but what use are numbers anyway when all they do is count and cause havoc

Words are the single most ravishing part of humanity; not striking good looks or a fat wallet but wit and charm and intellect

Wholly seductive and threatening, overexposing even the most dimly lit photographs

Syllables feel thick in my mouth and are almost cloying, I chew on them and spit them out onto paper

Creating some mess of word vomit, vowels and consonants that may or may not read collectively

Phrases allow for manipulation, they’re malleable and more flexible than my own stiff joints

I like curse words like ‘fuck’ because they add a certain kick in the guts to my sentences where I lack oomph in reality

Rubbing salt in the wounds my ballpoint pen makes on the paper I take it to

I am like a samurai who gave up the s of his sword for a gentler approach with just as much gusto

Aiming to penetrate right through your dermis, trying to wind my way through your veins to your heart

Hitting all your nerve banks and striking both hemispheres of your brain equally

Attempting temporary paralysis, I want my prose to be catastrophic and vital

Pivotal to ideals possessing your mind and therapuetic in some way, unlocking hidden tracts of emotion

I love that my words are the very same words you have heard all of your life but they are different when I write them

They strike a new anvil you have never heard stricken before, they sound anew; not like the old clunk you were familiar with

When I string a sentence I am bequeathing you a part of my soul, every shape of every letter is so tentatively drawn

For me language is so artfully considered, it is my weapon and it is my sincerest gift

When what little beauty I exude is all but gone and I cannot dance or sing anymore, when my hands completely give out and I can no longer cut or slice

It will be all I have left to give

2 thoughts on “Nothing of this earth is more tantalizing than language and intelligence

  1. You’ve beautifully captured what I’d long felt…that the world of words can be soul-felt in its complex simplicity. It is a home I long for when faced with the 9-5 day, like missing the night for the dreams it brings! Thank you for putting to words what I’d felt in my heart.


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