So, thank you—

Rain water enveloping my tongue when I am dehydrated
it’s that totally sweet and pure taste of liquid so clean and life preserving
like some alchemic potion that promises life after death
Summertime fragrances misting the air, dampening my skin
balmy and sympathetic, holding me from my every angle; beauty and ugliness alike
coating my whole self in candied embrace
First conscious breath after waking in a pool of cold sweat from some awful nightmare
the relief, dare I say euphoria, of realising it was but dazed hallucination
Diving beneath the surface of the ocean to hear only my own heartbeat
all its saltiness cleansing my skin and thickening my hair
Sitting in the night, surrounded by the sound of the sea licking the shoreline
Peaceful and safe, stars gently flattering my features and illuminating my eyes
Feathers tickling my face when giggles turn to fits of hysteria
feeling every light touch with heightened senses in the dark
Hope and promise for the future seduce my feet to continue the lifelong trek
It’s looking forward which electrifies me
Every cruel memory shadowing my past doesn’t matter anymore
it’s so far down the highway I can’t even see it in the rear view mirror
I can be anyone I want to be now
but I don’t want to be anything other than myself anymore
and you….
You allow me to be that girl
That glowing, bubbly, nerdy girl with an occasionally morbid sense of humour
who is probably a little too forward at times
and cringes at the idea of normality
Who watches too much Friends and vows she is a Phoebe and a Monica
Who laughs until her stomach aches, eyes tear and cheeks blush
Who cries when she is overwhelmed
and prefers to be the little spoon
Who asks twenty questions every day because her fascination is limitless
Who looks up far more than she looks down
and is a hazard only to herself
Who wears black on black on black
or stripes on stripes on gingham and doesn’t care if people look sideways
That girl who is the strongest woman on earth sometimes
and other times feels like a lost child searching for a hand to hold
Who narrates film and sings from her gut until her voice cracks
and writes and writes and writes until her fingers seize
Who wants to articulate everything
and adores words like nothing else
Who loves so hard it breaks her
and she doesn’t understand why she feels so much
or cares so much
or wants the way she wants
But you let me be her
           and she’s all I have ever wanted yet never gotten to be….

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