Diversity isn’t hard to find in this city of gunge and gold

The city past the hour of ten turns into an astrononically ugly scene of two spectral ends

: Glossy with love and lust
A sea of hand holding, ass grabbing and mingling mouths
Sex and wads of hundred dollar bills flashed for att-t-t-tention

: Clouds of depression rain over more than a handful of folk
Homeless, seemingly aimless ambling and begging for a dollar here
Fifty cents there

Old, ten foot long beards tangled and tortured

Artificial blondes in their six inch stilettos
can barely walk and cling to the arms of their evening boytoys

$20,000 Hermés handbags coupled with cheap lipstick and expensive champagne

Classic faux class and easy, sleazy ideals served in a martini glass on every corner

A cigarette between every second pair of chattering lips
speaking corrupt sentences influenced by pillowtalk hankering

Angels are few and far between in this city
but demons linger behind almost every set of eyes

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