Your very own rainbow, I want to dance in it’s non sequential ribbons

I inhaled every shade of dioxide you expelled
lungs raw and absorbent
like some kind of viscid, organic sponge
with need for your colours to flourish and feel

Sultry red passion I am so eager to attain
desperate to sense your hard, exotic love
no need for gentlemanly courtesies
hungry for instinct to kick in, take over, messy and loud

All the blue misery you carry; day in, day out
sadness kissing grief and dancing with fear
heartbreak, heartache, distance
let my cerulean eyes swallow your cobalt sad

Mystery, soft pink grey mist whirling amongst your tousled hair
can’t see our stiffened hands in front of our clouded eyes
curiosity amounting to off scale measure
mine and yours equally so; feline, whimsical

Charm and wit, violet effervescence intensifying
magnetism and intellect electrifying the very vibrations washing over me
feel all your unspoken reverberation
let it move me, let me sway in your vibrato

Your most natural state of earthy green, eyes undressing me
cloaked in nothing, teeth grit in full smile; proud, exquisite
unwavering, still, but ready to pounce
steal away all former innocence, replace it with ecstasy

Pure white sheets, despite your idea of being jaded
dove like, gliding, olive branch in beak, peaceful

Dark black liquid, infinite unlit future
serpentine paths, crawling, striding, one

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