Fragile bones and molasses stardust

You said I was bird like, that you love birds

And in that moment I wanted to fly for you
spread my threadbare wings so you could see my fragile bones
scream down from the skies and land upon your gloved hand

Then I couldn’t tell you what you are like
I don’t know what you are like because—

I have never met anything quite like you before 

You are this innocuous being, a safe haven safety net
Yet some contagion; toxin replacing hot, sticky, molasses, blood

A medicinal poison; anti-anti-venom

Caution, side effects may include:
mercury rising, probably off the charts
erratic heart beat beating to some foreign rhythm
some kind of something dancing in your stomach
uncontrollable, unapologetic grin
slurring words you’ve practiced numerous times

you just want to get it right but you’re hot, dizzy, stomach twisted, smiling, dumb

…you are merely a man
Flesh and bone and marrow and stardust
so, how is it I am so fascinated?
so very intrigued
and so very captivated
and so very nervous?

I just want you to see my fragile bones
my certain, timid heart

Want you to hold what stardust I am made of
see my galaxies and constellations
Notice my gossamer veins
Watch my eyes close
as I exhale in the moment I fall into unconsciousness

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