It’s a risky business, taking the dive with no oxygen

Inhale; finally a minute of clean breathing
Feeling secure in decisions and fluctuation of stability
I have trudged wearily down this path
constantly uphill, ascending into the clouded peaks of unknown
forever struggling, yet another cliff face lay before me
A cliff begging to be scaled
persistence beyond reason
Could it plateau anytime soon?
If I can dream it; I can have it

I never thought I would have the courage
to stand tall in my short stature,
dig my heels into the sand and say:

                     I’m sorry, but I have to go now—
                                    This is no longer my home, I do not belong here where I hurt—

I never again thought I would have the good fortune
to have your voice call me from half a world away
invite me back into lengthy conversation,
an all too familiar reacquaintance of sorts
I never again thought I would have the chance
to whisk myself away into a daydream
wave my magic wand and poof;
that daydream is quickly becoming my exciting reality

I’m moving mountains, baby
No one can stop me now, watch me take all sorts of dangerous leaps
with no permission granted, none requested
a rebel of sorts, though seemingly un-wild in my approach
Remember that precipice?
You heard me walk straight off the edge and now I’m in that rapid free fall
call it a death defying act, call it a death wish
Praying, to anyone who might listen, that you’ll snatch me right out of the air
and, just perhaps, you’re falling too..? and we fall together
It’s all I have ever wanted; no parachute
laying it all on the line, all on the table, all my chips are in the money pot now
It’s a risky business, this emotional business

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