Let’s be synonymous

I want to be synonymous with you
That strange boy; that strange girl
Equal and together in a path off whimsy
names floating in all the same sentences
rolling together like tobacco in a cigarette
like Frank Sinatra famously sang;
                  You can’t have one
                              without the other—
We could careen through life
be enigmatic and obvious
I want you to wear me like a Rolex
I want to wear you like Prada
‘cause we’re expensive, let’s show each other off
Dazzle the world with our light
take centre stage and jive, tango, waltz
I want for us to fit together
jigsaw, riddle, puzzle, fragments of feathers
We could be weird and brilliant together
We could have more love and zeal than humanity combined
Let’s live together
Let’s die together
We could be synonymous with one another

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