Love; like nothing else

When the wind cuts through you
like a straight razor close cuts the throat
and the sun burns your cold skin
as though you are nothing but mere kindling to a flame
this is when you know
you are most vulnerable
Perhaps un-ready to absorb the most ferocious of words
let them strike as hammer over anvil
Your red hot steel giving in to torturous blows
allowing yourself to be malleable
adaptation in its most grief stricken form
It is sometimes truly awful to see another’s true colours
as they fly high from your dearest’s mast
you want nothing more than to shy away indefinitely
but you love them, like nothing else
As Mother Nature loves all her creations;
desperately good and absolute evil
There is nothing left to do but quiver in fear
grasp on tight whilst they shudder in pain
and hold them to your soul to show them
true, irrevocable love
That they are no burden
no weight on your shoulders to bear
But a delicate feather; blossom petals light and airy
To be nothing but cherished in the darkest of hours
even though they have pain and horror in their heart’s past
the future is brighter than a glowing candle lit in arctic conditions
At the worlds end you are there
to cradle away the chill and fright
Let the end consume you both
for in unity you may conquer

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