In all I am I persevere

I am the sun that chases away the moon at daybreak

Adversely, I am the moon who chases the sun

I am as wild and sheering as the wind

but as soft and gentle as the stream that ripples on down every mountain

I am quiet, shy and ethereal as the mist which touches everything silently
Enveloping the living and deceased alike

Loud and volatile as the ocean’s crashing shore breakers
eroding the jagged cliff faces and sculpting softer movement

I am meek but I am great

I could be the difference the world wants
in all my uniqueness and unyielding good
in all my love I give my whole self; soul and physicality
I have lost my naive nature
and replaced it with growth in failure
and growth in success
and the want to catch my horizon by the hair
Tug it toward my breast and hold it close
cradle my future in the palms of my small hands and breathe life back into the embers
Nurture the flames and let them lick at my skin leaving scars and warming the old ones

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