Life Vest

Help me, for there is a cacophony of crows nesting in the landscape of my mind. I cannot hush the din no matter the height of my ceaseless screaming. The symphony is at crescendo and I swear to the highest of heavens that I am about to burst, painting the walls of this dank hallway a lush, velvety red. Transcending the known bounds of our universe and into life beyond.

Save me, for I am drowning in a slick, black lake filled with alien skeletons and the crows are still circling. Awaiting their carrion feast, awaiting exhaustion to defeat me. The water is diseased and viscosity levels are so high it’s all consuming. Moving even an inch is nigh impossible, throw me something to keep me afloat I beg of you. I am going to leave this spacetime without your aid.

Rescue me, take me like a swig of your favourite red and whirl me around in your mouth. Tongue relearning a familiar taste that is now somehow different, sweeter now, more inflammatory. Swallow me down, swallow me deep down. Let me warp through the tributaries within you and emerge in your harbour to wander down your docks at three in the morning. Won’t be alone because you’ll wander with me, hand in hand, and show me all your favourite hiding places. We can create new secrets, our secrets. I would throw you my life vest if you’d throw me yours, we can float down new canals forever.

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