For every chaos

Pray tell of your weaknesses, love
for I want to embrace all your insecurities
all your idealisms
all your fascinations
all your history; grace and evil
Spill your guts through thoughtful incision
reel your innards out like paper tape
show me what you ate for breakfast, lunch and tea
What poisons plague your heart?
I am no doctor but I have ailments enough to obscure your ills
follow my lead
Follow me to the end and I will dig you from your shallow grave
splintered and bleeding, take my hand
plant a sapling where once you lay
Nurture it’s growth, feed it moonlight and love
Tailored concoction breeds strength and flexibility
enough to bend in the hurricane
enough to remain once the rainbow appears
and the storm comes to an end
You see, my love
for every chaos
there is calm

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