Let’s be poets

Let’s write poems 
Let’s speak poetic
Let’s be poets

Let’s live with our hearts
Hanging from our mouths
And allow our tongues
To drip titanium syllables
Let’s expect the worst, cynics by nature
And nurture the hurt 
With delicate kitten paws

We can toss vocabulary 
Between sad, silly minds
Like a shuttlecock, but we’re no athletes
Let’s drive the sane insane
Teach them to see 
Through eyes milky and misty
Tainted with melancholy madness 

Let’s let our bodies speak volumes
Arching and aching
Fitting, unfitting then fitting once more
As natural as script comes from the hand
As thoughts fluctuate, ebb and flow 
Let’s light lanterns in a cave
Show them lightening bugs who’s boss 

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