My name

The syllables of my name roll off your tongue like hot syrup; Ka – Mill. The whispered sound lulls through the passages of my mind, a gentle wonder; simmering thought. I can feel the vibrations in the air. Pitter pattering, licking at my prickled skin. Raising hairs and sending sweet chills down my spine. 
I feel like a serpent. Tongue tasting for the path I must take. A great unknown as the universe is seemingly. Starlight attempting to guide me but I am blind, moonlight ushering my way but I cannot see and no one will hear my truth or aid me. 

The wind wants to throw me further from my path into darkness, an infinite abyss with no hope of sight in my future. I am desperate for an entire sensory experience but with eyes failing I feel hopeless. The earth beneath my sweeping body is cool and damp, it tastes like nougat; of my youth and of hope. Wistfulness, freedom, enveloping hugs and kisses on my lush, blood filled cheeks. 

I have evolved. Become limber and aware of my own self. How I have come to know my body, in all its motion and scars. I know its softness and where each bone manages to push at its surface, creating my only hardness. I know my sailors mouth and its volatility, I know how fiery I can be, raw like an open wound that stings with every sharp word and grain of salt. I know how small my frame is, how tiny my feet are – they haven’t grown since I was twelve -, the tactility of my fingers that dance gracefully with brushes and pencils alike. It is supposed to be a temple but I have disgraced its holiness and abused its reliance at times and for that I am sorry. But I cannot promise cleanliness and praise always. 

My ears delight to the sharp intake of your breath as I surprise you with a kiss so whimsical and sudden it makes my head spin, pupils dilate, heart flutter. We doze, then. Relishing in each other’s warmth and safety, quiet like mice in the dark. I daren’t peep a glance through the evening haze at your restful face; I have found the serenity that I had long misplaced. 

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