It is always so peaceful to be surrounded by the night, menacing though it may seem in in its seductive darkness. My part of the world is a different place when it sleeps, at half past two in the morning. Whilst I sit amongst the gloom I feel a certain safety. Held in its gentle grasp I am silent and shrouded. Only the wind may whisper in my ear. The cold air kisses me endlessly and promises never to let me go so long as I have want for its embrace. Mother Nature is the only being not to judge or lie. She is never unfaithful and will not cheat you. She is an honest spirit; loving you so long as you love her, too. 
Mother Nature’s earth, at its core, holds dear each and every being it raises. It does not discriminate if you are born a plant or a microorganism, or a weirdo. It wants you to live; until you die. It wants to nurture you and give you all it can, it only takes you back so it can give more life and love and purity. 

I know the refuge of Mother Nature and I respect her waxing and waning; giving and taking. She gives all her energy for the grace of life yet humanity gives her nothing in return. What a sad notion that is; would you treat your own birth mother with such disregard? She does not want to hurt you but if you push her far enough you will experience her wrath, of all the pain and suffering she endures but to feed you and give you clean, cold air to breathe. The simple, untainted life on this planet knows order while people, filthy and raw, know only their own selfish greed. 

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