Here’s how it happened; here’s how it goes

Felt shitty ninety percent of the time
Until you spoke up and my heart stopped
How’d you know I needed rescuing?
Just a little push to help me take control
Leave what needed to be left
Past is the past
Put myself first for the first time in my life
Woke me up; stirred stagnant emotion
I thought I was void of these feelings
I don’t know what my world was
Other than sadness and frustration
But I want it to be perpetually something.. 

Striving for happiness
Striving for elation
Ecstasy, intimacy, raw pleasure
I won’t apologise for being vocal
I’m choosing to be happy now ’cause I know being there
Is just around the corner
I know it’s there for the taking
I’m reaching and don’t you doubt it
But in a city so far from yours
It’s only the horizon I see
Better start planning, sweetheart

I’ve got to change it, move it, shift it
Switch gears and zoom on over
You’ve reminded me
Time and time again
It’s not being there with you
That’s the impossibility, ‘that’s not it’ you said
Sit beside you on the sofa
And devour a book you love
‘Cause words are precious to the both of us
Spoken to get drunk on
Listen to your confessions, eyes lit, absorbing
I’ll remember every word so don’t skip the gorey parts

I’m a woman now
Not the girl you first knew
Same same but different
I’ve evolved since last we spoke
I think you’ll like me better now
I know my mind better now
I know my body better now
I know you’ve grown, too
But you always knew who you were
I’ve found myself
I’ve got confidence but I’m not cocky
I’ve got a sailors mouth, sorry ’bout it

Wearing layers of lace and satin
Throw in some nylon for vintage sake
Back seamed stockings
Thigh high, snapped onto my garter belt
—good luck taking that off later
Soft cup brassiere, don’t want to mislead you
Waist cinched to the point of breathlessness
I’ve got matte black polish on
Red lipstick, it’s kiss proof
We’ll test that out I’m sure
Dark shadow and brows that could kill
I know how to pretty myself up

Put on some music, baby
We’ll dance foxtrot and ballroom 
I could dazzle you with winding movement
You could seduce me with a look
Set the floor ablaze with friction
See my hair bouncing?
Feel your strength lead me, I like it
I’ll dress up for you
Dress down for you
Discard my ensemble altogether for you
We don’t need clothes
Where we’re headed 

Then we’ll dance a different waltz
I can be anything you want
But I get the feeling you want me authentic
I could fuck you stupid
Until you don’t know which way is up
Whether it’s day or night
And you forget how to breathe
Or I could move slowly and build the drama
Ball’s in your court, handsome
Do you just want to take the reigns 
And show me love like I’ve never known?
I’m guaranteed to scream, hope that’s okay

For now, I’m stuck in waiting
I’ll have to tease you through the phone
Pack up a suitcase
Fill it with black on black on black
Won’t promise I’ll leave my heels behind
Board that plane, land in your arms
Leave a burning hot kiss on your lips
Star studded mouths catching up on lost time
Can’t wait to visit
Maybe you’d ask me to stay
I’d say yes, but you know that
You can always count on me, darlin’ 

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